A dictated copy of your initial evaluation is sent to your doctor as well as progress notes before your doctor’s visit and at regular intervals. Your therapist will contact your doctor as needed between times.

Sometimes your doctor will decide how often you will come to therapy. Other times your doctor will allow the therapist to determine the frequency of treatments. After your initial evaluation, your therapist will consider your condition and the doctor’s order when establishing the frequency of your treatments.

The length of a treatment session will vary with each patient. Initial evaluation and treatment lasts approximately one hour with subsequent visits lasting between 30-60 minutes depending on the condition of the patient.

You will need to attend therapy sessions until you and your therapist decide that you have reached your desired level of function or that further skilled therapy would not be beneficial. All therapy will be monitored by your physician.

Prairie Rehabilitation will attempt to schedule you with the therapist you desire to see. However, there may be times when another therapist will treat you due to scheduling conflicts. All Prairie Rehabilitation therapists are licensed and enjoy delivering a high quality of care.

Please visit one of our location pages for a listing of our normal hours for each clinic.

Please visit one of our location pages for a listing of our clinics and locations.

See our specialty services page for a comprehensive list of specialty services.


Most insurance companies pay for physical, occupational or speech therapy. A few companies have limited coverage or do not cover occupational or speech therapy. It is always best for you to call the benefit number listed on your insurance card to check on your benefits before you start therapy.

If it is considered medically necessary, Medicare will cover physical, occupational or speech therapy with a written referral from your physician.

Many insurance companies do not require a referral for therapy. Medicare allows direct access without a referral for the initial evaluation. Coverage for further treatments are contingent on a physician signing the plan of care the therapist completes after the evaluation.

We are a provider of most common insurance companies and their PPO’s, however, it is always best to check with your insurance company before making the appointment. Check our listing for plans we participate in. As a courtesy, we will contact your insurance company to verify coverage if you provide your information to us.

Some insurance companies have a deductible to be met first, some have co-pays and some have both. Some insurance companies also require a prior authorization before starting any therapy. The majority of insurance companies do have a limit of number of visits per year. Again, call your insurance company to find out the benefits. Our office staff will verify your benefits and we would be happy to discuss them with you.