south dakota occupational therapy


Prairie Rehabilitation provides physical, occupational and speech-language therapy services to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, senior care centers, Home health care agencies and private homes as part of our contract therapy services. These services are provided based on our customers’ needs such as full-service, consulting, as well as management only.

Our services extend across the Southeast South Dakota and Southwest Minnesota regions.

A relationship with Prairie Rehabilitation Services provides our customers the following benefits:

  • Resource for state and federal compliance related guidelines
  • Improved facility census
  • Enhanced opportunity to realize a positive financial impact
  • Rewarding work environment for rehab staff
  • Integrated departments for improved patient outcomes
  • Decreased facility risk/liability


Prairie Rehabilitation provides access to knowledgeable clinical and operational experts in contract rehabilitation. These experts provide support in such critical areas as:

  • Clinical Program Development- see Core Programs
  • Denials Management
  • Billing Support
  • Staff Training Initiatives
  • Compliance Programs
  • Management Reports
  • Equipment Assistance
  • Clinical Outcomes Reports
  • Physician Relationship Program/Census Development
  • Recruiting Resources & Strategies
  • Staff Retention Strategies


Our management software provides reports that are designed to track, compile, summarize and present a wide range of valuable data that is important to you. This data is outlined in a monthly report but is available at any time based on your needs.


We track benchmarks based on industry specific national, state, and company averages to ensure outstanding clinical outcomes.


Our compliance program and process is your best defense against potential RAC audits and/or denials that directly impact your bottom line.


  • Complex Disease management
  • Dementia Management
  • Falls and Balance Prevention
  • Pain and Wound Care
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Restorative Dining
  • Older Adult Model of Care