Tips to Help Prevent Pain While Bicycling

Avid bicyclists spend a lot of time on their bikes, which can cause injuries and/or pain. In addition to a good bike fitting at your local bike shop, Jeff Steinberger, PT at Prairie Rehabilitation offers these exercise ideas and treatment tips. Jeff practices at our Sioux Falls Cliff Avenue clinic when he is not riding.

Jeff Steinberger, PT at Prairie Rehab


1. Stretch and be flexible. Many muscle groups tend to tighten with long bike rides. Your hips, hamstrings and heel cords are most at risk. Some simple exercises can help to keep the muscles long and add leg strengthening as well. To stretch your hips, try the following:

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch (Jason Rostomily, PTA at Prairie Rehab)


Hamstring Stretch (Zach Schneider, PT Student at Prairie Rehab)

For strengthening your quad muscles on the front of your thighs and to stretch heel cords, try this dynamic duo:

Glute Squat (Zach Schneider, PT Student at Prairie Rehab)


2. Get strong! Core strength of your hips, pelvic floor, back and abdomen combine to protect your spine. A proper plank exercise works most of these muscles. Do not arch up or sag down. Stay straight.

Prone Plank Exercise
(Jason Rostomily, PTA at Prairie Rehab)


3. Be in balance with your movement. Your body is meant to move and if you move in balance, it functions best. If one side is injured and you favor it for a long time, your body adapts. Eventually that becomes your new normal, which creates additional wear and tear in your body. Again, a good bike fitting is important.

If you do develop some knee pain, Jeff has shown many this basic kinesiotaping which may save the day:


If these tips do not help, an evaluation by your physical therapist may be just the ticket you need to resolve your pain. To schedule an appointment or get more information, please call our main office at 605-334-5630. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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